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 General Consulting 

Roadmap to Growth

The success of a business lies in taking an effective strategy and bringing it to life. By focusing on execution and implementation of simple principles, we at Tendy LLC have seen greater growth and impact.

We focus on key fundamentals of; 1) Business operations 2) Financial management 3) Iterative innovation in order to propel growth and help businesses deliver to their customers. 

If you are a small to midsize company, looking to start the process of growing your local business, our team of experts are here and ready to help you take your business to the next level. 


The success of any venture is reliant on a successful strategy. By assessing the needs of the company as well as the available opportunities, a well crafted strategy will lead to sustained success, and ease of entry in a new market. 

Using our vast experience in emerging markets, Tendy LLC works to formulate strong, ambitious, executable and cost-effective strategies. We believe that planning alleviates the need for interventions later on in the process. Often, companies believe that the roadblock is in implementation when in fact a closer assessment of the strategy and minor alterations can significantly impact the bottom line. 

An understanding of the local needs and how best to engage could be the difference between a successful or a failed strategy. We have developed an in-depth understanding of the changing and sometimes complex needs in emerging markets. 

Business Development

We believe that all businesses have the ability to be great. Using our 'we can make it better' attitude we work closely with business needing assistance to either develop or strengthen various areas to achieve success. 

We strive to accommodate all requests and work with businesses at all stages from start-ups to established companies. We provide one-on-one advisory to senior level executives and work closely with the team to gain a better understanding of the company's needs and goals.


Tendy LLC brings the right people together. We facilitate high-level meetings with suitable individuals in key decision making roles in the private and public sector. We also provide vital negotiation services when required. 

Our work has involved facilitating meetings with senior government officials and C-suite executives to formulate the necessary partnerships for success. 

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 International Expansion
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