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Our Work

Tendy LLC is a consultancy firm that works to deliver results for businesses looking for improved systems, management and growth. We are committed to ensuring that the best strategy is employed to achieve the company's goals. We pride ourselves on effective execution and change management in delivering sustainable results.


We also assist US-based companies looking to expand internationally. Our hands-on market-entry and business development approach is the cornerstone of our business model. We work with a range of companies, from small to large companies offering advisory, strategy, business development,  implementation and facilitation services. We assist companies to access a pipeline of opportunities within emerging and frontier markets and to build sustainable partnerships. 

We have worked with a number of clients nationally and internationally. We are committed to ensuring that the best strategy is employed to achieve each company's individual goals.

Our Team

Our team consists of individuals who are passionate about helping businesses grow and make an impact.  Our team is results-driven and committed to excellence. We ensure that we assess the clients needs and find the most effective ways to address these. 

We hold a collective experience of 35 years in business consulting, market development, project management, product development and business management. Our team is best placed to help businesses to navigate the varying complexities of different market. As a team, we aim to help you arrive at your desired destination efficiently and expeditiously. We rely on our bespoke process of analysis, planning and application in executing successful expansion plans. 

"At Tendy LLC we value every interaction as an opportunity to serve; every meeting as an opportunity to learn and become an asset to growing businesses. It is not only important for us to help businesses cross boundaries but also to enable them to make a positive impact in their respective industries"

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us via email to set up a consultation. 

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